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A Selection of Lypo Spheric Vitamin C Testimonials
Posted by Admin, Senior Editor in Health Blog

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Lypo-Spheric Altrient C
Lypo-spheric Altrient C provides bioavailable, high-dosage Vitamin C, rapidly increasing its blood plasma level. Don't settle for anything less.
Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C Reviews. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is much more efficient and effective than the regular powdered form. The following are a series of testimonials and reviews that have been gathered from regular users:

Optimized Delivery of Vitamin C. My doctor suggested Livon's Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and GSH. My understanding is that the water soluble vitamins are encapsulated in fat soluble phospholipids so the vitamins get delivered to the liver instead of being lost in digestion. What I do know is that I have a lot more energy when I take these. I mix them with some grape juice each morning about 15 minutes before eating breakfast. The first week, I had to nap in the afternoons - I was worn out from working harder each morning as I have a chronic illness, Lyme disease. I've been taking them for two weeks now, and find my energy level stays high for about 6 or 7 hours after taking these. They are not inexpensive, but considering that I am more able to work consistently with them, the investment is worth it. K. A. Minden

Great Stuff. I was a little weird about it at first because it was not the conventional sour pill your take when your sick, but I was referred to it by a good friend so I gave it a shot. My husband and I both love it! We have been taking it for about 4 years (as needed) and we have not once gotten sick! We take it when we have been around sick people or when we feel run down or when we feel like we may be coming down with something. We put it with a little bit of water and take it like a shot of alcohol. The price does not bother me because if something works for our health its worth it. No doctor bills to worry about. I also give it to my 118 lb dog to help with her medical problems. I tell everyone I know to get this stuff and I share it with my friends when they are sick. We both feel better after taking it and we have not gotten sick so in my opinion it is worth it! Rebecca

Autistic son is thinking clearer. I heard about the value of vitamin C in curing mercury poisoning from reading Dr. Thomas Levy's book, 'Curing the Incurable' that I linked to above. In the book it talks about mega-doses of vitamin C given intravenously. When I looked it up online I found this product that Dr. Levy says is even more effective than that given intravenously. We bought some and started giving it to our autistic son. We have been thrilled with the results. He is stimming less and is obviously thinking clearer. The improvements are slow but steady. After 6 years of trying all kinds of things (and none of them working) we are beyond thrilled to have the hope that this product gives us. I can't imagine any reason we would ever stop using it with our son. I highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with autism. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose. Karen Gruve

An excellent product! For more information on Lypo-C I recommend Dr Levy's book 'Curing the Incurable.' In it Dr Levy explains that the best option for acute infections is a combination of liposomal vitamin C and vitamin C by IV and that given a choice of only one or the other, the better choice is liposomal vitamin C. The fourth best option is ascorbic acid taken orally and the fifth best option is sodium ascorbate taken orally. I recommend this book, and saturation dose vitamin C by liposomal or IV delivery, or both, very highly. The product is easy to take and while it isn't nice tasting it isn't too bad at all. The sachets are very convenient to use. These are MANY times more so than the huge hassle and cost of a vitamin C IV! Especially when you have crappy veins! It seems to be really working for me. I have severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and am housebound and almost entirely bedbound. A bit less bedbound than I was though I'm happy to say. If you don't have very positive results, you may need to take a much higher dose or continue the treatment longer (I take 4 packets daily and 24 g of ascorbic acid orally daily too, and am still not near my saturation point...just my budget point!) It's also best as part of an entire orthomolecular/nutritional program. Jodi Basset

Great product! Can tell it has cleared up acne on my face and I wasn't even expecting that wonderful change!!! Great Product!!! Great product! Can tell it has cleared up acne on my face and I wasn't even expecting that wonderful change!!! Received in a timely manner. Nikki Stone

Tolerate This Well! I have mercury poisoning and find it a huge challenge to find supplements I can tolerate. I have to be on them for chelation therapy. This is one of the only vitamin Cs that I can take and not be ill from it. It's not cheap but I get around this by using my amazon points to purchase this monthly. It's brilliant. Bethanne Elion

I am addicted to the taste. I know this is going to sound odd, but I am addicted to the taste of this stuff. I look forward everyday to opening my packet, it is almost like dessert to me. I know people complain about the taste so maybe I am odd, but I cant get enough of it. Forget about putting it in water or a drink, I squeeze the packet directly into my mouth and swallow so the flavor is more intense. Oh and by the way, yes my health is improving, they are actually working. I cant take a gram of regular vitamin c without ending up in the bathroom, so this is a necessity. Julie Que

Don't try anything else, this stuff works! I have been using LivOn's Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and Vitamin B (AGE Blocker) daily for over two years now and have seen nothing but great results in my overall health. Since trying these products, not only did I see immediate improvements in energy, but shortly after I also noticed that I was more mobile, less sick and felt great overall. Basically, I got my life back. What a miracle that I was able to quickly go from constant pain, weakness and lethargy to being fully energized, see proof of better health, and even a notable difference in my skin complexion! I highly recommend this product to anyone, healthy or not! It?s been a tremendous blessing and I wouldn?t trust any other brand out there; trust me, I?ve tried them and they simply do not work like this product does!! Dana Woodard

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